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BNSF disaster relief for employees impacted by Hurricane Harvey

In response to the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, BNSF Human Resources has set up a toll free number for employees that are impacted to call to receive limited financial assistance to help them during a time when they may not be able to be in their homes or their homes are without power, etc.


BNSF will provide financial limited assistance that is intended to help them in a time of need but not intended to totally cover their losses.   Many employees will have insurance to help defray those expenses.  The intent is to assist with their immediate needs for shelter, food, clothing, or assisting if the employee purchased a generator to help power their essential home appliances until power is restored in their area.


The toll free number is 800-788-3882.  After business hours and weekends the calls will roll to a voicemail box which will have instructions as to what information to leave in their message.  The HR team will periodically check the voicemail box after hours and on weekends and call those employees back.


Please pass this message on to the appropriate people on your teams to get the information to those that might be impacted and need assistance.


Information that will be helpful for employees to leave on the voicemail will be:

Name (spell the last name)

Phone number to call them back

Employee number

Brief description of their need/loss.

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