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The awards below are pertinent to the former ATSF committee.

(This page is currently under construction)

Award NumberClaimantTopicDispositionLink
28386Dawson, D.T.Set and CenteredDeniedLink
28387Campbell, R.AFailure to be available for callDeniedLink
28389Baine. D.R.Dishonesty, Conduct, FMLA- Falsifying documentsDeniedLink
28479Armstrong, A.T.LPRPSustained in PartLink
28480Campbell, R.A.Failure to be available for callDeniedLink
28509Baine, D.R.Dishonesty, Conduct, FMLA- Falsifying documentsDeniedLink
28510McCallister, M.A.LPRPSustainedLink
28512Winters, R.H.Shove move involving fatalityDeniedLink
28513Ferra, M.B.AttendanceSustained in PartLink
28514Joiner, L.R.Shove by a stop signalSustained in PartLink
28515Newton, D.N.Form B violationSustained in PartLink
28516Dawson, D.T.SpeedingSustained in PartLink
28581Crawford, D.L.Authority violationDeniedLink
28582Johnson, B,M,AttendanceDeniedLink
28583Kundracik, M.B.Failed to protect a shoveDeniedLink
28584Roach, R.M.Fraudulent StatementSustained in PartLink
28585Johnson, D.ZFailed to sound whistleSustained in PartLink
28586Schott, S.J.Conduct, CarelessnessSustained in PartLink
28587LaRue, L.D.Lay off on CallDeniedLink
29703Banks, K.Verbal AltercationDeniedLink
29704Espinosa, R.E.Delaying trainSustainedLink
29705Garcia, P.C.In-Between without protectionSustained in PartLink
29706Gomez, N.D.Late for workSustained in PartLink
29707Gomez, N.D.AttendanceSustained in PartLink
29708Gomez, N.D.Smoking on the engineSustained
29709Navarro, S.A.Blocking the inward facing cameraSustainedLink
29710Odom, E.A.Failed to conduct proper air testDeniedLink
29754Montes, K.F.Failure to protect crossingSustainedLink
29755Templeton, J.D.Failure to complete trainingSustained in partLink
29756Van Neman, D.B.LPRPSustainedLink
30024Terrell, D.E.Authority violationSustainedLink
30025Bryant, D.D.Ran over derailSustained in PartLink
30026Langevin, J.L.DerailmentDeniedLink
30027Dorsey, M.S.Cars left to foulSustained in PartLink
30028Wilson, M.G.SpeedingDeniedLink
30029Macias, M.A.Shoving, collisionDenied
30030Tuttle, B.T.Set and centeredSustained in PartLink
30031Jackson, S.CGCOR 1.5 refusalDeniedLink
30032Douglass, J.Close ClearanceDeniedLink
30033Armstrong, A.T.AWOLDeniedLink
30034Montoya, M.D.Train Delay, ConductSustainedLink
30035Montoya, M.D.Class 3 Air TestSustained in partLink
30036Berg, S.D.DerailmentDeniedLink
30037Veir, J.S.AuthorityDeniedLink
30038Hopkins, T.R.GCOR 1.5DeniedLink
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