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Medical Plan Providers
NameContact Information
United Healthcare1-800-842-9905
1-800-753-2692 – Enrollment Services
Aetna (MMCP)1-800-842-4044
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield1-866-267-3320
Summary Plan Descriptions
Information for National Health and
Welfare Plans
Mental Health And Substance Abuse Providers
NameContact Information
United Behavioral Health1-866-850-6212
NameContact Information
Express Scripts Prescription Drug1-800-842-0070
Card Program
Express Scripts Mail Order1-800-842-0070
Prescription Drug Program
Dental Provider
NameContact Information
Aetna Dental Plan1-877-277-3368
Note: Must have 1 year of service to be eligible
Life Insurance Provider
NameContact Information
Metropolitan Life Insurance – National Health & Welfare Plan1-800-310-7770
Vision Providers
NameContact Information
EyeMed Vision Care1-855-212-6003
Note: Must have 1 year of service to be eligible
Agreement Employees Retiree Medical Plan Provider
NameContact Information
United Healthcare1-800-842-5252
Agreement 401(k) Retirement Plan
NameContact Information
VanguardNote: Plan eligibility occurs following 1 year from original hire date. Additional information on your 401(k) plan is available on the BNSF Employee Portal under “My BNSF”.
EAP+Work/Life Program
NameContact Information
EAP24/7 Support @ 800-383-2327
Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)
NameContact Information
Railroad Retirement Board1-877-772-5772
Note: Contact your nearest RRB Office.
Each state has one or more offices. Look in
telephone book under “United States Governement Offices.

Outlined below are the instructions an Engineer will need to follow to submit an Engineer permanent transfer request.  All of these steps can be found in the website after logging in to the Employee portal with your Engineers B number and password.  Upon submission of the required information the Engineer will receive an email confirmation of their request being received and filed with BNSF Labor Relations.  There is no need for an Engineer to contact or forward their request to the BLET General Chairman’s office as we will also receive a copy of the filed request from Labor Relations.


Per the Transfer Agreement the Carrier maintains all discretion in the approval or denial of transfers.  These reviews will continue to take place quarterly on a February, May, August and November consideration period rotation.  If a transfer is approved by the Carrier the Engineer will receive a notification from this office and instructions to facilitate their move and markup.

Agreements are in place throughout the BNSF System that provide employees the opportunity to transfer from one seniority district to another.


Job Protection Companies



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