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Welcome to the website of our GCA, which is provided in our continuing efforts to inform our membership on such things as schedule agreements, necessary BLET forms, and up-to-date information from our Organization.
It is our mission to ensure that your questions are answered and your claims / grievances are handled in an expeditious manner and to join our National Division and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in promoting and protecting the rights, interests, and safety of its members through solidarity, aggressive representation, and education.
We are providing you with a wealth of knowledge and access to information which can and does impact your daily lives and careers in the Rail Industry. Please use it wisely and share it with your brothers and sisters in the field. Good luck and work safe!

FMLA Complaints

We have heard that our members are having issues concerning FMLA. Several complaints have been over the Carrier’s handling of the application process and the Carrier’s failure to be transparent about the various processes. We recently learned that there is…

Contract Negotiations and the RLA

This video was taken from Youtube. It was posted by the Association of Flight Attendants who are governed by the RLA the same as BLET and SMART-TD.

HOS Violations by BNSF – FRA Response

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