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The Benefits of Belonging

The B.L.E.T. National Division will soon be releasing a series of publications titled “Benefits of Belonging”. I urge each and every member to read these publications as they are released. It is of critical importance that each and every member of a rail labor union understand what they are up against in the current round of contract negotiations. In a publication at, President Pierce wrote about the attack on our union and our livelihood. Full Article can be found HERE.

Make no mistake, you are the Union, and an attack on your wages and benefits is also an attack on our Union. There is no better example of that attack than the current round of bargaining for our national contract. The Carriers have delayed making any meaningful offers; in fact, recent proposals provided to one of the other bargaining coalitions make it clear that they intend to pursue dramatic changes to our Health and Welfare benefits, while offering pitiful wage increases.

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