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Announcement for Medicare-eligible BLET members and retirees

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio, October 11 — If you are a BLET member, retiree, spouse or dependent, and entitled to Medicare Part A and/or enrolled in Medicare Part B, you are eligible for the TEAMStar Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program (PDP). You are eligible for this program regardless of your health history or the drugs you are currently taking.

The enrollment period for TEAMStar Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program runs from October 15, 2016 to December 7, 2016. We hope you will take advantage of this affordable prescription drug plan, which enables BLET members to save as much money as possible.

The TEAMStar Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program is a voluntary Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program that meets the federal government requirements for creditable coverage. It is not available to the general public and is designed to help Medicare eligible BLET members, retirees and their spouses or dependents reduce their prescription drug costs and insure them against high prescription drug expenses in the future. This program was introduced in 2006 and thousands of Teamster retirees have chosen to enroll since the program’s inception.

Enrollment packets will be arriving in the mail soon. If you didn”t receive an enrollment packet or need another one, please call the number listed below and you will be sent a packet. Don”t wait! The open enrollment period is for a limited time.

Enjoy the following TEAMStar Part D Program benefits:

• Competitive union group rates — TEAMStar Medicare Part D is not available to the general public. The rates and benefits are set by your union.

• Union Preferred Pricing — certain Preferred Generic drugs are available for as low as $2 at a Union Preferred Pharmacy.

• Coverage options — three unique plans that offer different levels of security to Teamsters.

• Coverage through the donut hole — if you select the Platinum Plan you can get coverage for most generics at a low copay after you get to the Coverage Gap.

You can get more detailed information, and also register for the program, at or call (866) 524-4173.

A flyer for posting at your work place bulletin board is available here:



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